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At Walk In Cold Room, we supply a range of different coldroom fridges including mortuary solutions.

A good mortuary fridge is an important part of running any funeral home, providing a temporary cold room to store bodies before the funeral proceedings.

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However, this does not necessarily make them easy for a new funeral home to find, especially with how specific some of these refrigeration methods are.

If you are setting up a new funeral home or need to replace existing mortuary fridges that have broken down, then it is important to find freezers that you can trust.

Mortuary Refrigerator Cost

A typical mortuary refrigerator can cost anywhere from £5,000 to £25,000 in total.

This cost varies based on a range of factors, such as the size of the cold room, the amount of fridges you need, and even the level of refrigeration they need to provide.

Mortuary Refrigerator Cost

In general, the more floor space you require for the temporary cold room layout, the more it will cost to install and maintain.

If you want to get an accurate price breakdown of how these factors can influence your mortuary fridge costs, contact our team today to learn more.

Benefits of Mortuary Refrigerators

Mortuary refrigerators provide a range of benefits when used correctly, such as:

Mortuary coldrooms are an important part of overall mortuary systems, so having something that is effective and reliable makes a huge difference.

Funeral directors who upgrade their storage systems often see a massive increase in efficiency, meaning lower costs overall.

An improved bespoke cold room allows for easier storage of a range of bodies without risk of damage to them or harm to the people working and visiting within the same building.

Types of Mortuary Rooms

We have multiple types of cold rooms available, depending on the exact mortuary systems that funeral homes need.

A mortuary room needs to be hygienic, a simple designs and be fit for purpose.

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Aside from differences in things like cabinet size, traps and door design, each cold room may be designed bespoke for those funeral homes or other sites.

Positive Temperature Mortuary Chamber

A positive temperature cold room keeps bodies at above-freezing temperatures for short-term storage.

These are used in funeral homes where the funeral itself will be conducted in only a couple of weeks and often cost slightly less to be installed.

types of mortuary rooms

Negative Temperature Mortuary Chamber

A negative temperature cold room keeps bodies below freezing to stop decomposition entirely. This is often used in hospitals or situations where a body needs to be identified before it can be buried.

These cost more to install, often requiring specialised insulated door and wall options to keep temperatures low enough.

Temporary Cold Room

A temporary cold room provides temporary storage and freezing for bodies, usually as a lease purchase or hire rather than a full installation.

These are usually designed to suit short-notice freezing, sometimes including portable cabinet options using flat-pack wall and door pieces.

If you want to know more about what these different storage options offer compared to one another, contact our experts to learn more about the benefits of specific cold rooms.

What is a Mortuary Fridge?

A mortuary fridge is the equipment used to keep bodies from decomposing by providing a freezing or near-freezing storage environment.

Also known as a cold room, they can be used in a range of situations, such as by funeral homes or in hospitals.

To maximise storage space, a cold room will usually have a cabinet system with multiple trays, each capable of holding a single body.

The number of trays per cabinet will vary, but each cabinet can often hold at least eight trays, meaning eight bodies or more on average.

Thanks to these cold rooms, funeral directors and doctors in hospitals can keep bodies from decomposing in situations where they are not immediately needed.

When stored in a cabinet, a body could last for weeks to an indefinite amount of time, depending on the temperature

We can provide a number of cold rooms, each tailored to suit the client’s needs.

This includes the amount of cabinets and trays, the lease/purchase arrangement, and even elements like whether the cabinet trays are side-loading or front-loading.

Hospital Mortuary

We can supply a variety of high-quality cold rooms to hospitals, offering reliable side-loading cabinets that can store multiple bodies at once and halt decomposition completely.

We offer a wide range of products including refrigeration units, embalming supplies and more.

Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures hospitals and mortuaries can maintain the highest standards of care for the deceased and provide support to grieving families during their difficult times.

If you would like to get in touch about having a mortuary chamber installed at your hospital, please make sure to contact our team today.

Body Storage for Funeral Homes

We are also able to supply high-quality cold rooms that suit the needs of funeral directors, using similar side-loading trays that offer easy cabinet access.

Our storage facilities encompass a range of options from refrigeration units to more advanced preservation methods. Our reliable suppliers offer all of the necessary equipment to ensure the proper care and preservation of bodies allowing families the time they need for planning and mourning.

The quality and functionality of these storage units are essential to the funeral industry, as they enable funeral homes to uphold their commitment to professionalism and compassionate services during a challenging time for those they serve.

For the very best prices on these body storage units, contact our team today and we will get back to you with a competitive quote.

does your funeral home need extra storage space?

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Storage Racks

Each of our fridge systems includes a range of equally high-quality storage racks in varying designs, allowing us to choose the right kind of storage system for each client’s needs.

Storage racks within a mortuary cold room are an essential component of the facility, contributing to the efficient organisation and preservation of deceased individuals.

Our racks are specially designed to maximise space and ensure the respectful handling of bodies. They provide a systematic and orderly arrangement, making it easier for mortuary staff to access and manage the deceased.

Properly designed storage racks also facilitate the cooling process, maintaining the necessary low temperatures for body preservation. In the mortuary setting, these racks play a crucial role in maintaining the dignity and professionalism required to serve the deceased and their grieving families.


What is a Morgue Room Called?

A morgue room is called a charnel house, crematory, funeral parlour or mortuary in certain situations, usually depending on where it is located (hospitals, funeral homes, etc.).

How Long Can a Body Be Kept in a Morgue?

A body can be kept in a morgue for around three to four weeks with proper refrigeration, although there are ways to extend this.

Hospitals may only keep bodies for 21 days, but funeral directors are not necessarily under that same limit.

What is a Cold Room in a Mortuary?

A cold room in a mortuary is a room used to store and refrigerate dead bodies, preventing them from decomposing fast.

What Temperature is a Mortuary Fridge?

A mortuary room is generally kept between 2°C and 4°C (or between 36°F and 39°F).

In some cases, hospitals or funeral directors may use colder temperatures to try and keep bodies from decomposing for longer.

mortuary fridge FAQ'S

Are Morgue Fridges Ventilated?

Morgue fridge rooms need to be thermally isolated.

Ventilation is still used to prevent bad odours from building up.

What is an Embalming Room?

An embalming room is a room dedicated to embalming bodies before a funeral service.

This room is used to slow the body’s decay even when not refrigerated.

What Does a Morgue Refrigerator Look Like?

Most mortuary fridges are made of stainless steel and are full of shelving rows for storing body trays.

Hospital and funeral directors generally use the same types, but this depends on the amount of space available.

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Safety Standards for Funeral Directors Fridges

Below are listed some of the safety standards that apply to mortuary fridges in any context:


We offer a range of mortuary refrigeration units to funeral directors, hospitals, or any other business and service that may need them.

Each of our fridge units is properly tested to ensure the maximum quality and efficiency possible, regardless of whether they’re used in major hospitals or just as a temporary cold room.

If you want to know more about the fridge systems we can offer, as well as the benefits they can offer to hospitals and funeral homes alike, then get in touch and talk to our specialists.

Before you buy your mortuary fridge, make sure you check out the 8 things to consider before purchasing a coldroom.

We can guide you towards the right refrigeration option for your needs.

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